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University of Wuppertal

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Welcome to the Scientific Computing Center PLEIADES

The comupting center PLEIADES offers powerful resources for scientific computing at the Universtity of Wuppertal. Since the last extension in June 2022, the cluster offers the following hardware:

  • 17152 CPU Cores
  • 3200 TB fast storage (dCache)
  • 931 TB fast, parallel Cluster-File System (BeeGFS)
  • GPU cluster with 40 NVidia A100 GPUs
  • Fast InfiniBand network (HDR100)

Since 2020, PLEIADES participates in the competence network HPC.NRW, which is part of the cooperation Digitale Hochschule NRW. HPC.NRW provides improved support and access to many HPC workshops and tutorials for every cluster user.

Computation for research

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